Automobile Bearings
LYC currently produces a variety of automotive bearings with inside diameters of 10mm (minimum) and outer diameters up to 430mm P5 class precision and Z3 group noise levels.

LYC¡¯s high quality bearings are preferred by major auto makers in China, such as GM and Volkswagen.  Unique features of the LYC wheel hub bearing units include :
  • Maintenance free applications
  • Compact, light weight design
  • High reliability
  • Long life
LYC¡¯s high technical ability and ingenuity is now being applied to developing a fourth generation of auto wheel hub bearings.

In addition to automotive applications, LYC has successfully developed a second duty trucks and trailers. Wheel hub units are only one of LYC¡¯s innovations and areas of expertise. LYC continues to be a world-class supplier of a full-line of standard and custom design bearings for numerous industries.